ComplyWorks Contractor Safety Program Requirements

ComplyWorks Contractor Safety Compliance for the Canadian Workplace

We specialize in assisting Canadian Contractors with Complyworks Compliance. Our solutions include:

  • Uploading required documents including insurance, WCB clearance and rate sheets, COR/SECOR safety manual document and more.
  • Ensuring that your ComplyWorks profile is complete and properly represents your company.
  • Transferring information from any other registries (CanQual or ISNetworld®) into ComplyWorks–saving you valuable time while maintaining consistency throughout the databases.

DID YOU KNOW? As new ComplyWorks requirements are released we inform you of all the changes; our policies are written to meet the new Complyworks compliance requirements. Ensuring that your ComplyWorks account is current and complete may be the best marketing tool you have.

We Guarantee To Meet Your ComplyWorks Compliance Needs Here In Canada.

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