Workplace COR/SECOR Safety Manuals

COR/SECOR Safety Manual Services For The Canadian Workplace

You must satisfy Canadian workplace COR/SECOR safety manual requirements to conduct business. Workforce Compliance Safety enables you to meet these expectations.

Our Custom COR/SECOR Safety Manual Services Include:

Our CRSP certified safety professionals will help with your health and safety manual needs here in Canada. Contact Us Today.

Workforce Compliance Safety Ltd. have been an amazing resource for us. Creating our safety manual has been worth a small fortune to our company, as it has allowed us to qualify for a number of contracts with some major players in the oilfield.
WTS Logistics, Inc.

Introducing “OneProgram” – Workforce Compliance Safety has developed the “OneProgram” system to ensure all your COR/SECOR requirements & safety registry compliance requirements (ISNetworld®, PICS Auditing, ComplyWorks, CQ Network) are included in a SINGLE document. This document is easy to follow, compliant, and addresses specific hazards YOUR company employees may come across. Contact us to learn more about OneProgram today.

“Orientation Styled” Safety Manuals – Workforce Compliance Safety is now offering Glove Box-sized “Orientation Styled” Safety Manuals, based on your company’s health and safety manual. Comes with a hard hat sticker and training card. This is a great tool for orientating new workers and subcontractors! Your clients will see immediately who has completed your company in-house orientation.

Health and Safety Manual Partner Certification

We assist Canadian Contractors with the following Certifying Partners:

Specific Health and Safety Manual Development Options

We can put together Transportation Safety Manuals, Job Hazard Assessment Packages (see below), and Environmental Management Manuals.

Job Hazard Assessment Package: This is designed for companies wanting to obtain SECOR or COR. Our workplace safety consultants will assist with your Job Inventory, Task Lists, and JHA’s. We review completed JHA’s to ensure you are on the correct path to obtain your SECOR/COR.
Supply Forms and Policies:

  • Safe Work Practices
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Job Hazard Analysis (Critical Task Analysis)
  • Transportation Safety Manuals
  • Inspection Sheets
  • Tool Box Forms
  • Forms
  • Orientation Policy
  • Creation and Implementation of a Safety Policy
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy (meets the Enform IRP requirements)
  • Enforcement and Discipline Policy
  • Cellular Phones Policy
  • Drinking Water Policy
  • Driving Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Fatigue Management Program
  • Firearms Policy
  • Initial Spill Response Policy
  • Journey Management Policy
  • Load Securement Policy
  • Management of Change (MOC) Policy
  • Modified/Return to Work Program
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Policy
  • Subcontractor Management Program
  • Waste Management Policy
  • Aboriginal Policy
  • ATV Policy

We can research any other workplace safety programs and offer safety training that may be pertinent to your company. Contact us today.